Collection: Polaroid Sunglasses

Polaroid, the instant film camera manufacturers has a wing of fashion accessories for sunglasses under their Polaroid Eyewear brand. Polaroid brand is credited with using the original polarizing filter technology in fashion eyewears. Polaroid assures the best lens quality along with latest-technology materials in their sunglasses. As a result, the only thing you need to take care while picking a Polaroid sunglass is its styles or the color of shades.

The polarization optical filter reduces glare and thereby ensures total comfort and cooling effect to the wearer. Brighter colours of the glasses, but sharper contrast, perfect UV protection, and the lightweight quality are some of the best characteristics of Polaroid sunglasses.

Polaroid sunglasses are available in a range of styles and colours. They come dark, light, pink, and many other color variants for you to pick from.