Collection: Fontana 2.0

This history of Fontana fashion brand could be traced back to a small tailoring shop set up by an Italian mother and her daughters during the beginning of the 20th century. Amabile Fontana, and her three daughters, namely, Zoe, Micole, and Giovanna Fontana were behind the Fontana brand which had a humble origin in the form of a small-dress maker shop started in 1907 in Italy.

The three sisters, Zoe, Micole and Giovanna Fontana later developed this small shop to an International fashion brand, that took inspirations from 18th century French models, Parisian haute couture, existing Italian fashion, and the dress style of the Golden era of Hollywood.

At the time of the Fontana brand's peak time of popularity, it was the most desired clothing brand by Hollywood celebrities such as Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, to name a few.

Fontana 2.0 is the revived version of the classic Fontana brand, that mostly targets on the fashion conscious of women. Garments made of velvet, cashmere and genuine leather are mostly designed by Fontana 2.0