Collection: BodyBoo Shapewear

BodyBoo is an Italian women's clothing brand focusing on shape-wears, lingerie, bodysuits, innerwears, tops and leggings exclusively for women. BodyBoo aims at the mental and physical well-being of women by providing comfortable clothing materials to them. The anti-cellulite leggings, tops and other bodysuits marketed and manufactured by BodyBoo are remarkable for their warmth and comfort.

Being operated by a team of women, the BodyBoo brand can perfectly understand the requirements of female physique and thus the well-being offered by BodyBoo clothings are unparalelled.

Primarily made using elastane, micofibre, polyamide, polyester materials, the anti-cellulite clothing materials and leggings require special care and washing measures. These clothings are recommended to be wash at 30° C