Sustainable Fashion is the Latest Ethical Clothing Trend

Sustainable Fashion is the Latest Ethical Clothing Trend

The latest buzzword in the fashion world is ‘sustainable fashion’, which is alternatively called ‘green fashion’ or ‘eco fashion’ (eco-friendly fashion). Sustainable fashion movement evolved out from the realisation that the fast fashion culture evidentially has been contributing to the destruction of nature, animals, and environment. So, a more ethical clothing culture has been proposed by the proponents of nature conversation, and thus a concept of ‘eco fashion’ or ‘sustainable fashion’ has gradually been taken place in the mindset of fashion enthusiasts.

Being one of the largest global polluters, the fashion industry contributes up to 35% of global micro-plastic pollution. The main villain here is the synthetic fibres by which a large number of garments are made in the present world. Sustainable fabrics are one of the solutions to this critical concern. Sustainable fabrics are those made from natural, recycled, or eco-friendly materials that have a low environmental impact.

Some examples of sustainable fashion products include Pinatex fabric, which is made of pineapple plant leaves.  Another one is Apple eco leather. Orange peel fabric produced in Italy is another example of sustainable fashion products.

In Ireland, The Ethical Silk Company in association with a silk producer in India has been manufacturing ethical silk garments following the sustainable fashion model.

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