Pick Your Autumn Weekend Away Outfits Methodically

Pick Your Autumn Weekend Away Outfits Methodically

Autumn weekend trips are quite common in every society and thus the fashion choice during such travels require special attention. If you are away during the weekend of a fall season, and are conscious about the outfits that should be chosen, then there is a case of concern in every fashion-conscious minds.


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Autumn is the season when there is a sudden drop of temperature from the three months long summer season. The summer season is the time when you were chilling out with short and loose-fitting light-weighing clothes, but when Autumn strikes, the clothing freedom of summer is already gone. It is the time you carefully pick slightly woolen clothes in layers before you setting out on your weekend getaways.

Colours of Autumn

Also, traditional fashion connoisseurs would suggest you pick specific colours for your dress during the autumn weekend trips. Emerald green. Lilac pink, variants of red, cobalt blue, etc are some of the colours that you can pick for your outfits during a vivacious autumn weekend travel.

Another choice for Autumn fashion outfits are patterns of colours that symbolise the colours of falling leaves. An interlined pattern of red, yellow, turquoise and orange would be a perfect fit for an autumn dress, especially for women. For men, a blend of varying blue colours would be an excellent choice, as they can go well with a blue denim jean trousers.

Pepe Jeans - Black Midi Shirt Dress with Belt for Woman

A blend of light brown with any shades of purple or red can truly be called as a classic fall shade. Also, shade of red, purple, olive green, carefully mixed with nude tones such as grey, off white, cream, and mustard will also be ideal choice for a perfect weekend outfit during an autumn getaway.

Clothing Type for Autumn

When you finish wearing all your light weighing summer clothes, now it is time to switch to a warmer option. Trippers traditionally opted to flannel fabrics for their outer clothes, especially with checkered patterns. So, colourful plaid flannels are usually the most favoured fashion during a standard autumn weekend outing.

Tommy Red Checkered Sweater for Men

The multicoloured plaid flannels are good as a comfortable top or shirt for both genders, and at sometimes many of the weekend trippers find style in using a scarf, shawl, or pashmina for added comfort. If the case is the latter, that you are using a plaid flannel scarf, then there will be better options for your top. Let’s discuss them in the coming paragraphs.

Sweater vs Sweatshirt for Autumn Trips?

Sweater and Sweatshirts are two different attires that we use during the cold climates. But what is the difference? Are they the same?

Tommy - Striped Turtleneck Sweater for Women

No. A sweater is made to keep you warm during a cold climate, but a sweatshirt can give you warmth, and at the same time can absorb sweatshirt. Sweaters give more warmth, so they are more popular during the winters. However, a sweatshirt would be more ideal during the autumn season as it is multipurposed. Sweatshirts can provide you warmth and at the same time can absorb sweat as your body would be sweating during the lesser cold weather of a fall season (compared to winter).

Here is a number sweatshirt references for you to peruse.


Sweatshirts for Women


Sweatshirts for Men

Jeans, Trousers and Skirts

As a combination with the sweatshirts, scarfs, and plaid flannel tops, you need to blend them well with comfortable pants or ruffled skirts.

Tommy Hilfiger - Denim Blue Stretchy and Skinny Jeans for Men

Women can always opt autumn-coloured ruffled skirts, as they can combine it well with their wrap tops or flannel tops. Denim blue is an all-encompassing combination that goes well with almost everything you wear on top. There are cotton-rich warm trouser pants that can be worn during the autumn climate. You may find a number of them below:

Women's Trousers

Men's Trousers

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