Comfy Airport Outfits Checklist for Your Next Flight Travel

Comfy Airport Outfits Checklist for Your Next Flight Travel

How to pick the most comfy airport outfits while packing your travel bag for your next destination? Of course, when you plan a trip to your dream wonderland, you may have a good idea about the local fashion etiquette you should follow at the destination. You are likely to pack you travel bag with a selection of comfy clothes according to the information you researched out. But what if your itinerary includes international destinations, and you need to catch international flights? In such a situation, you will need to go through airports, and perhaps wait at the long queues of airports, and sit at the airport lounge for probably a few hours if you are not a last-minute hurried flight-catcher.

Selection of attires for your trips are not easy. You will need to have everything pre-planned. What will be the weather of the place you travelling to? Who are the persons you will be interacting with? What will be the approach of the persons you visit towards the fashionable clothing you normally wear? Are you going to meet your traditional, unsophisticated in-laws? Along with these questions, you will also need to find out answers to some other generic, and useful questions. Such as, the weather of an airport, the climate-controlled situation inside the flight, and so on. The interiors of a flight will be air-conditioned, and you may not be totally comfortable in your cool summer outfits in such cases. On the contrary, if the season in the country you are boarding the flight is winter, then also, it will be awkward for you to walk through the corridors of the airport in that heavily clad thick winter jackets, because you will be far more comfortable in a pair of standard trousers, and tops.

Comfy Airport Outfits for men and women

So, in minimal words, the airport travel fashion is something different from the ongoing season of the land, and you will need prior knowledge about this to choose the right comfortable and stylish travel outfits for your airport travels.

Another significant aspect of elegant ad comfy airport travel outfit is that it may sometimes help you get a class upgrade. Some airport travellers have experience of getting upgraded to first class from an ordinary class ticket at the airport checkout, which they largely attribute to their fashion selection. For men, most often a formal jacket, and a business outlook help to be preferred by the airport personnel while considering passengers for the vacant business class seats.

Comfy Airport Travel Outfits for Women

For women, it is always suggested to be in the shades of around 3 to 4 colours. For example, a jacket of one colour, an inner top of another colour, and the trousers or bottoms of a third colour. Of course, you can add additional shades, but 3 to 4 means stylish and classy at the same time.

There are always exceptions regarding the number of colours. For example, it is a good idea to get a pashmina or a scarf to keep with you while you prepare for your long flight travel. The reason why a scarf or a pashmina is recommended is that, it can be used to cover you from the climate-controlled weather inside the airport as well as the flights. Of course, the flight stewards can offer you blankets if you feel a little chillier, but a pashmina gives you a touch of elegance and style.

The pashmina can be of different colours of your attires, but the wisest selection of the colour of your scarf or pashmina can somewhat complement the missing colours of your wearings.

Women's Airport Travel Outfit Essentials

  1. A top – This can be long sleeved or short sleeved. Can be of a colour that contrasts with the jacket.
  2. A jacket – The jacket is ideal to be a front-open one. It can have dual purposes. The front open jacket can give you warmth, and at the same time give you a little chic, and professional appearance. Be careful to choose a colour that is very different one from the top you wear inside. For example, choose a dark shaded jacket, for a light coloured top, or vice versa.
  3. Trousers (or long skirt) – When you pick a bottom clothing, it is better to be one that covers your legs, because it can protect you from the gems at the airport. A trouser, jeans or a pants can give you a more professional, and stylish appearance than a short, or midi skirt, or a short.
  4. Sneakers – You should go for sneakers instead of heavy shoes, for the comfort of the travel.
  5. Scarf or Pashmina – The pashmina or scarf is not mandatory, but it can give you unique aura of high fashion in a place like an airport

Some examples for women's fashion outfits for a comfortable air travel could be the below:

A Burberry scarf

A Fontana 2.0 sweater type front-open jacket

Fontana 2.0 Brenda trouser (yellow colour)

Tommy Hilfiger long-sleeve white shirt for women


Best Travel Fashion Attires for Men at the Airport

Men, as suggested early in the case of women, can be conscious about the number of colours. For women, if it is 3 to 4, in the case of men, you choose fewer colours, perhaps 2-3. You will have a jacket, or a blazer, that can act as a protective covering in case, if the weather inside the airport is colder than you anticipated. There can be an inner t-shirt of one plain colour (probably, yellow, or white, or any such lighter shades.

  1. A shirt – This can be striped or plain one, probably a light coloured one.
  2. A jumper – This can be a darker shade, probably made of a woolen fabric
  3. A jacket or a blazer – Pick a medium colour tone that stands between the shirt and the jumper. The shirt, jumper and jacket should come under 2 or 3 colour tones.
  4. A trouser or jeans - The trouser can be of any colour that matches one of the three you wear on top (shirt, jumper, or blazer).
  5. Sneakers – Go only for sneakers at the airport, for added comfort.

Some suggestions for comfy men's attire for airport travel is given below:

Lamborghini cotton T-shirt (white)

Alessandro Dell'Acqua Brown Coat 

Harmont & Blaine men's khaki chino trousers 

What Not to Wear at an Airport During Your International Travel

There are some absolute no-nos that are applicable for both men and women airport travellers.

  1. Avoid tight-clothes. Loose clothes are better for the comfort
  2. Avoid cargo pants. The cargo pants have a number pockets, this might trigger unnecessary alarms during your security check. Additionally, cargo pants are heavier and they compromise the comfort during the long hauls of air travel.
  3. Avoid shorts – Although shorts have a significant style appeal, they can make you appear unkempt in an airport
  4. Avoid metal ornaments. Avoid any metal accessories like chain, bangles, etc. A watch is fine, which you can easily remove during the time of security scrutiny.
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